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Using patent pending Balance Chamber Dry System (low-temperature vacuum drying), O'JEJU offers a wide range of healthy dehydrated fruits grown in the clean environment of Jeju Island, South Korea. All our dried fruits have their natural taste, aroma, color and nutritious elements. O’JEJU provides healthy dried mandarin oranges (tangerine fruit) which are a best vitamin snacks.

Mandarin Oranges
'O'JEJU Healthy Dried Mandarin Oranges' is a natural vitamin snack. O'JEJU uses only the best fresh mandarin oranges (also called tangerine fruit) grown in the clean environment of Jeju Island, South Korea. Using patent pending Balance Chamber Dry System(low-temperature vacuum drying), the natural taste, aroma, color and nutritious elements are well-preserved.
'O'JEJU Healthy Dried Mandarin Oranges' contains more than ten times the vitamin C contained found in fresh Mandarin Orange.
O'JEJU Healthy Dried Mandarin Oranges
· The fresh skin is not edible because of the chemical residue.
· Fresh mandarin is heavy as a souvenir and only seasonally available.
· Consumers can become satiated from juicy fruit and can only eat a limited amount of fresh fruit.
· As a product, fresh mandarin orange has a limited valuable Boseok Gyul

· 100% Eco-friendly product, is safe to eat unpeeled.
· It is easy to enjoy on the go and give as a gift.
· Consumers can enjoy it as a snack without feeling full.
· Convenient packing makes the product available
  to enjoy whenever, wherever.
· The taste and nutrition of fresh mandarin orange is well-preserved.
· This product offers an enhanced sweet and sour taste without any additives.

Produced 100% with Korean natural ingredients and fresh mandarin oranges
( tangerine fruit),O'JEJU Healthy Dried oranges lets you feel the unique taste.
Sealed Package makes it easy for you to take it with you when you travel.
To buy our healthy dried oranges visit O’Jeju Shop Today.
Dried Oranges Benefits from Jeju Mandarins
One might wonder about the quality and nutrition of fruit shipped half way
around the world to that of local fruit. The depletion of the nutrient content in U.S. soil has an increase to 85%. In comparison,
Jeju soil is still rich in nutrients. The quality of the soil is reflected
in the nutritional content of the fruit. In Korea, the best choice
for good health might be the Jeju Madarin orange. Nishino * reported
that large amounts of grapefruits, lemons, and oranges grown in North America.
Moreover, Tae-Sik Nam also found that Jeju Satsuma showed the highest with
those of American citrus fruits such as Valencia oranges. vitamin A,
isbiologically active compound that not only has an anticancer effect,
but which also enhances the immune system. Oranges are known
for their Vitamin C content, but Mandarin oranges are particularly helpful
in cleaning the liver, and for reducing the risk of cancer.
One Mandarin orange provides 116% of the daily value of Vitamin C and reduces the risk of colon cancer.

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